You don't need to leave the capital to experience the countryside:
enjoy the true flavors of rural Hungary in the heart of Budapest, at Hungarian Hell’s Kitchen!

You don't need to leave the capital to experience the countryside:
enjoy the true flavors of rural Hungary in the heart of Budapest, at Hungarian Hell’s Kitchen!

The modest elegance of our restaurant is made truly authentic by the distinctive folk accessories. Hungarian Hell’s Kitchen is also the perfect venue for celebrating special occasions – we welcome birthdays, corporate dinners, and class reunions

Entering our restaurant, you find yourself in a traditional folk setting where the traditions of our homeland come alive. Our master chefs prepare every dish with heart and soul, bringing the genuine essence of Hungarian flavours to the tables, based on our grandmothers' recipes. The cheerful demeanour of our waitstaff brings joy to everyone, and the evening atmosphere is elevated by captivating gipsy music, every day

Stop by and discover the culinary treasures of Hungary!

Hungarian Hell's Kitchen

What makes Hungarian Hell’s Kitchen the best Hungarian restaurant in Budapest?

Our menu features traditional Hungarian dishes that our family has preserved for generations. But what truly sets us apart, beyond the authentic local flavors, is the captivating atmosphere. The distinctive folk decorations on the walls, the live gipsy music every evening, and the staff's enthusiasm for preserving traditions make our inn truly memorable.

Your favourite homemade dishes

In our kitchen, gourmet bites are prepared daily, based on our grandparents' tried and true recipes

Carefully selected ingredients

Our dishes are made exclusively from the highest quality, fresh ingredients sourced from local farmers

Award-winning master chef

Our master chef's professional expertise and love for traditional flavours come through in every dish

Gipsy music

Every evening between 6 PM and 10:30 PM, live gipsy music enhances the atmosphere

Authentic atmosphere and interior

Our restaurant brings the atmosphere
of traditional rural homes into the heart of the city

Hungarian Hell's Kitchen

Our must-try specialties

While we encourage everyone to try all the dishes on our menu, if you need a little help, the following dishes are definitely worth a taste!

Goulash soup served in a bread bowl

Hungarian pea soup

Chicken paprikash with dumplings

Stuffed cabbage with smoked meat and sour cream

Diced chicken breast with grilled vegetables

Skewered pork tenderloin with bacon and crispy potatoes

If you're curious about more interesting facts from the world of Hungarian gastronomy, explore the continuously expanding treasury of Hungarian Hell's Kitchen, filled with recipes, stories, and curiosities!

Hungarian Hell's Kitchen

Who is behind Hungarian Hell's Kitchen?

Our owner, Attila Nagy Pál, came from a village in Bakony to the capital 10 years ago. Attila has been working in hospitality since 1993, and the experiences he gained over these years culminated in the opening of Nagy Fa-Tál in 2014. The restaurant has been operating steadily ever since, with the same enthusiasm and thoroughly Hungarian atmosphere with which it first opened its doors

The visionaries and owners of Hungarian Hell's Kitchen:
Attila Nagy Pál and his wife Erzsébet Nagyné Bátisz

The owner of Nagy Fa-Tál Konyhája, Attila Nagy Pál, was born in 1968. He spent his childhood growing up on a farm, where he and his siblings were involved in household tasks from a young age—whether it was grape picking, shovelling, or taking care of the animals. After school, he was never without a chore, which established his strong work ethic.

Later, he moved to a village in the Bakony region, and in 2014, to the capital. Attila has been involved in commerce and hospitality since 1993. Together with Erzsébet, they honed their hospitality skills at various events, pop-ups, and village fairs, culminating in the opening of Nagy Fa-Tál Konyhája ten years ago

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