Discover the team behind Hungarian Hell’s Kitchen and learn what makes us the best Hungarian restaurant in town!


Hungarian Hell’s Kitchen is like a loving, caring family member who always greets you with your favourite homemade dish. We source our ingredients from the best local farmers, whether it’s meat, vegetables, or spices. Our owners, chefs, and staff all come from the Hungarian countryside, and our waiters' cheerful demeanour is sure to brighten your day. The ambience is enhanced by the music of gipsy musicians every evening.

Hungarian Hell's Kitchen

At Hungarian Hell’s Kitchen, you can expect

Your favourite homemade dishes

Carefully selected ingredients

Award-winning master chef

Gipsy music

The visionaries and owners of Hungarian Hell's Kitchen:
Attila Nagy Pál and his wife Erzsébet Nagyné Bátisz

The owner of Nagy Fa-Tál Konyhája, Attila Nagy Pál, was born in 1968. He spent his childhood growing up on a farm, where he and his siblings were involved in household tasks from a young age—whether it was grape picking, shovelling, or taking care of the animals. After school, he was never without a chore, which established his strong work ethic.

Later, he moved to a village in the Bakony region, and in 2014, to the capital. Attila has been involved in commerce and hospitality since 1993. Together with Erzsébet, they honed their hospitality skills at various events, pop-ups, and village fairs, culminating in the opening of Nagy Fa-Tál Konyhája ten years ago

Hungarian Hell's Kitchen

The History of Hungarian Hell’s Kitchen

Attila began his journey in commerce and hospitality


Attila and his wife started organizing events, beginning with village day celebrations


Event and festival organizing became regular and stable


They became one of the top event organizers


Attila decided to take the next step and open a restaurant


The renovation of Hungarian Hell's Kitchen began

2014 spring

Hungarian Hell's Kitchen opened its doors for the first time

2014 summer

The youngest son, Lionel Nagy, joined the restaurant team to learn and eventually carry on the family business, representing the new generation

2022 summer

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