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What is so special about Hungarian gastronomy?

The specialities of Hungarian gastronomy include a number of dishes that are known and loved around the world. Goulash soup, stew, egg noodles and pancakes are just a few examples. The food culture based on these dishes draws on Hungarian tradition and history.

The sweets include strudel, cream and bejgli, which are an art form.

The dishes are generally spicy, and paprika plays a particularly important role in Hungarian cuisine. Of course, it’s not just meat lovers who enjoy the Big Wooden Bowl restaurant! Vegetarians can also find delicious snacks on our menu.

What events can you host here?

tourist groups

team building trainings

family birthdays

gatherings of friends

business meetings

Why is an event different for us?

The special flavours of Hungarian gastronomy and traditional dishes guarantee an exceptional experience for the participants of the gatherings. The atmosphere of the restaurant creates a pleasant, family atmosphere, perfect for gatherings of friends, family events or even business lunches.

The restaurant staff is helpful and courteous, ensuring that your event runs smoothly. The restaurant menu is varied and includes the finest Hungarian cuisine.

All this makes the kitchen of the Big Wooden Bowl a perfect venue for events, where guests are sure to return again and again for an exceptional gastronomic experience.

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