• Palinkas

      Discover with us the enchanting world of Hungarian pálinka, which is more than just a mere spirit – it encapsulates the essence of Hungarian culture and traditions. What makes Hungarian pálinka so special? It's not just about carefully selected fruits and traditional bottling methods, but also the centuries-old craftsmanship and the harmonious blend of unique flavors.

    • Árpád - Cherry

      Árpád - Cherry

      2.690 Ft/4cl


      A medium intense cherry-flower scent mixes with the smell of the fruit. In taste, it is bonbonous with a marmalade feeling and with features of cherry. In the aftertaste, there is a breath of marzipan seed character.

    • Árpád - Double Bedded Peach

      Árpád - Double Bedded Peach

      2.690 Ft/4cl


      Spicy, fruity, never ending peach savour. The reason why it has jam and fresh citrusy features at the same time is the double bedded technology on dried and fresh fruit. Its taste is enjoyable for long minutes because of the creamy sweet flavour of dried fruit and deep peach savour. It is recommended to consume after dessert or as a dessert.

    • Árpád - Double Bedded Pear

      Árpád - Double Bedded Pear

      2.690 Ft/4cl


      Delightfully deep, intensely fruity smell. Its colour is golden and its texture is slightly oily. In its savour you will discover the energetic aroma of fresh william pear and the silky charm of the dried fruit at the same time. It is a wonderful time travel.

    • Árpád - Homemade Plum of Csabai

      Árpád - Homemade Plum of Csabai

      2.690 Ft/4cl


      After tasting the full, deep-toned plum fragrance there is also a jam feeling to be recognized. It provides a long lasting experience in mouth. It is a full, perfect, widely characterised, exciting masculine product.

    • Árpád - Silver grape

      Árpád - Silver grape

      3.590 Ft/4cl


      With a perfume-like aroma, its muscat grape notes are unmistakably discernible. On the palate, it boasts a fruity, spicy character, which is very full-bodied with a long finish. Slightly sweet, the peel character is only subtly perceptible.

    • Árpád - Silver quince

      Árpád - Silver quince

      3.890 Ft/4cl


      It has a pleasing quince-flower scent with traits of citrusy, which is intense but not rousing. Its taste recalls the sweet quince compote with a nice spiciness and a slight sourness and the flavour of quince.

    • Cornus - raspberry

      Cornus - raspberry

      6.590 Ft/4cl


      The enchanting flavor of raspberry captured in a small bottle. As the bottle of pálinka opens and the liquid is poured into the glass, we're almost surprised why it's not red, like raspberry syrup. How can a transparent, colorless liquid be so intensely fragrant, so temptingly sweet, as if we had just picked the fresh, juicy, flavorful berries from the prickly bush? The distillate made from raspberries preserves the original fruit flavor better than any other, while its refined taste elevates it among the noblest of spirits. Despite its sweetness, it's not liqueur-like, yet it caresses gently, tempting for another taste. Very feminine, very deceptive, irresistible. It's no wonder it's called "maiden seducer" in some regions. A glass or two of raspberry pálinka leads to euphoria, and the rest is up to the gentlemen.